2019, 2015 and 2014

 grand champion!

We did it again exclusively using our own
sauces at the Old Capital Blues & BBQ.

Thanks to all the team members!!

Check out where you can get our sauces
on our sauce page!!

2019 Calls

1st Place Brisket

1st Place Chicken

1st  Place Pork

2015 Calls

1st Place Brisket

2nd Place Chicken

2nd Place Pork

Catering for  fundraising and on site bbq events

About four score and seven ribs ago bbq

Pitmaster David Lippert started to BBQ in 1999 and has not stopped since.  In 2010 BBQ got serious with contest at Springfield, Arthur, and Quincy.  The team only received a 5th place in ribs at Quincy that year, but was hooked.  In 2011, more contests and a number of prizes: Springfield Blues and BBQ - 2ndin Brisket and 3rd in Ribs, Quincy - 5th in Pork and 2nd in People's Choice.  In 2012, the team took prizes at Hannibal, Litchfield, Arthur, and Springfield: 1st in Brisket and 2nd in Pork.  In 2013, at Springfield - 1st in Chicken, 2nd in Brisket and 3rd in Pork.  In 2014, at Springfield - GRAND CHAMPION!! Then in 2015, at Springfield - GRAND CHAMPION again!!  Along the way David improved his sauces to the point they are "Honestly Good" and now can be shared.  Check out our sauce page for our sauces and where sold.  

About our team name and logo history:  David grew up in Bath, Illinois - one of the few towns Abraham Lincoln established while a Surveyor in Illinois.  The team often travels to contest on the same highways that Lincoln traveled.  The name just seemed natural.  The little pig is modeled after another Lincoln era Illinois politician.  Can you name him?