Fundraising and Catering

Using your volunteers to provide low cost catering for fundraising or your special event

Four Score and Seven Ribs Ago BBQ takes the stress out of organizing your fundraising event.  Our goal is to provide you with a great community experience that is as stress free as possible and most of all - profitable!

All you need to provide is an event location with a customer base that is hungry for good BBQ and the volunteers to assist the Pit Master.  Volunteer duties are prepping food, cooking, washing dishes and serving.  Our set up can serve over 100 people per hour with ease, once you hold your event you will want to make it an annual one and so will your guest.

Terms:  Your group is responsible for cost of items served and used in the cook (meat, drinks, charcoal, single service wares, booth space cost and so on), mileage of $1/mile one way from Chatham, IL, and our fee of 25% of gross sales.  Your group will retain approximately 50% of gross sales.

We also provide buffet service style catering appropriate for any occasion.

Contact the Pit Master for more information.